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BarTender v9.2 Service Release Downloads

The free Service Release at the bottom of this page can only be used to update existing copies of BarTender where the version number begins with 9.2. For other versions of BarTender:

  • If you have BarTender 2016: Because you have the latest version of Bartender, you can update for free to the latest service release available.
  • If you have a version older than BarTender 2016: You can only update for free to the latest service release available for your version. If your version is 10.1 or newer, you can purchase an update to the latest version of BarTender. If your version is 10.0 or older, you can purchase a new license for the latest version.

About BarTender 9.2

BarTender 9.2 (build 2647) was first released on October 15, 2009. The most significant new features were the introduction of the Librarian, Print Station and Batch Maker companion applications. (Please click here for more detailed information about BarTender 9.2.)

BarTender 9.2 Service Release 2
Corrects Bug with Basic Edition

BarTender version 9.2 SR2 was released on January 22, 2010 to correct a bug that was introduced to the Basic edition with version 9.2 SR1. When using SR1 with label formats created using that version, the Basic edition of BarTender incorrectly thinks that it is using a feature that is only available in higher editions. (Users of editions other than Basic and users that did not install SR1 are not affected.)

The bug causes the Basic edition to exhibit the following undesirable behavior:

  1. BarTender displays all of the "Trial Features." These are features that are normally only available with higher BarTender editions. (They are displayed even if the user unchecks the "Enable Trial Features" option.)
  2. When printing, warnings are displayed indicating that "Trial Features" are in use.
  3. After the initial 30 day "trial period," the label format can only be printed in "Demo" mode, which means that one character in each barcode and text field is changed.

BarTender 9.2 Service Release 1

BarTender version 9.2 SR1 was released on December 28, 2009. It did not include any bug fixes, but did provide a variety of minor enhancements. Unfortunately, it also introduced a bug into the Basic edition. (See previous section.) The following are the most important enhancements introduced with SR1:

  • Updated Translation: Translations for the Librarian companion application were added.
  • Label Format Conversion Aid: The new "Template Image" feature makes it easier to convert labels from other software systems into BarTender labels. You can scan the image of an existing label and use it as a background template to simplify the design of new labels.
  • Improved Data Matrix Support: The GS1 Application Identifier Data Source Wizard now fully supports Data Matrix. This includes the automatic generation of all required check digits.
  • New "GS1 Data Matrix" Symbology: Even though it is just a special version of our existing Data Matrix symbology, we have defined a new "GS1 Data Matrix" symbology. This way, when users add a Data Matrix barcode to their label designs, they have the option of choosing one that has all of the GS1 parameters already set for them, instead of having to manually specify them.

Installation Instructions

Starting with BarTender 9.0, the update instructions became simpler than they were for previous versions of BarTender. After downloading the latest BarTender 9.x service release:

  • If you Already Installed a Version of BarTender 9.2: Do not bother to remove your old software. Simply, install the Service Release over your existing installation of BarTender 9.2. You will not be prompted to re-enter your original Product Key Code (PKC).
  • If you Never Installed BarTender 9.2: Simply perform a new install of your downloaded BarTender 9.2 service release. When prompted for a Product Key Code (PKC), provide the one that came with your original copy of BarTender 9.2.


The "BarTender only" option is the smallest file and will therefore download the fastest. The larger "Full BarTender Suite" downloads include Librarian, Security Center, Commander, Printer Maestro, Print Station, and the rest of the Companion Applications. They also include the BarTender .NET SDKs.

The multilingual downloads support instant switching of the user-interface between more than 20 languages, but they take somewhat longer to download than English only. (The supported languages can be seen in the list of BarTender "Getting Started" Manuals.)

Software to Download Version Date Size
BarTender only
(English Only)
9.2, Build 2674 22-Jan-2010 64 MB
BarTender only
9.2, Build 2674 22-Jan-2010 108 MB
Full BarTender Suite
(English Only)
9.2, Build 2674 22-Jan-2010 147 MB
Full BarTender Suite
9.2, Build 2674 22-Jan-2010 195 MB

If you are updating an Enterprise installation, you will also want to update Seagull License server. (This is not needed for Basic and Professional editions.)

Software to Download Version Date Size
Seagull License Server 9.2, Build 2674 22-Jan-2010 24 MB
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