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BarTender v9.1 Service Release Downloads

The free Service Release at the bottom of this page can only be used to update existing copies of BarTender where the version number begins with 9.1. For other versions of BarTender:

  • If you have BarTender 2016: Because you have the latest version of Bartender, you can update for free to the latest service release available.
  • If you have a version older than BarTender 2016: You can only update for free to the latest service release available for your version. If your version is 10.1 or newer, you can purchase an update to the latest version of BarTender. If your version is 10.0 or older, you can purchase a new license for the latest version.

About BarTender 9.1

BarTender 9.1 (build 2592) was first released on April 21st, 2009. The most significant new feature was the new BarTender Security Center, for specifying user permissions and locking down label formats in high security environments. (Please click here for more information about BarTender 9.1.)

BarTender 9.1 (Service Release 1)

Attention Enterprise Users: In order to use an Enterprise edition of this BarTender service release, you must also download the new Seagull License Server service release. (Please see bottom of page.)

Service Release #1 (build 2617) of BarTender 9.1 was released on July 20th, 2009 with the following enhancements:

  • Completed Translations: The BarTender Security Center was originally shipped in English only. In addition, some other enhancements were not yet available in translated form, including changes to BarTender, Printer Maestro and History Explorer. Service Release 1 now includes translated versions of all of these modules.
  • System Database Support for SQL 2008: The BarTender System database used in the Enterprise editions now supports SQL Server 2008 in addition to SQL Server 2005. (Functions of the BarTender System Database include storing security settings, logging print job information, and maintaining inventory of label supplies and printer parts. You do not need to install a BarTender System Database in order to use BarTender.)
  • Version Number Displayed within Setup Manager: (This enhancement applies when installing from a CD, but not when installing downloaded software from the web.) When you insert a BarTender CD into your CD drive and the Setup Manager automatically runs, the opening screen will now display the BarTender version and service release number (if any). (Note: Because Seagull is now mass printing most of its CDs, the right-most digit of the version number is no longer being printed on the CD.)
  • Minor Bugs: A few minor bugs were repaired with this service release and are not described on this web site.

Installation Instructions

Starting with BarTender 9.0, the update instructions became simpler than they were for older versions of BarTender. After downloading the latest BarTender 9.x service release:

  • If you Already Installed a Version of BarTender 9.1: Do not bother to remove your old software. Simply, install the Service Release over your existing installation of BarTender 9.1. You will not be prompted to re-enter your original Product Key Code (PKC).
  • If you Never Installed BarTender 9.1: Simply perform a new install of your downloaded BarTender 9.1 service release. When prompted for a Product Key Code (PKC), provide the one that came with your original copy of BarTender 9.1.


All download options listed below have everything you need to start designing labels right away. The "BarTender only" option is the smallest file and will therefore download the fastest. The larger "Full BarTender Suite" downloads include Security Center, Commander, Printer Maestro, History Explorer, the Reprint Console, and support for detailed Print Job Logging to a SQL database. They also include the BarTender .NET SDKs.

The multilingual downloads support instant switching of the user-interface between more than 20 languages, but they take somewhat longer to download than English only. (The supported languages can be seen in the list of BarTender "Getting Started" Manuals.)

Software to Download Version Date Size
BarTender only
(English Only)
9.1, Build 2617 17-Jul-2009 48 MB
BarTender only
9.1, Build 2617 17-Jul-2009 93 MB
Full BarTender Suite
(English Only)
9.1, Build 2617 17-Jul-2009 136 MB
Full BarTender Suite
9.1, Build 2617 17-Jul-2009 204 MB

Attention Enterprise Users: If you are updating an Enterprise installation, you MUST also update Seagull License Server. (This is not needed for Basic and Professional editions.)

Software to Download Version Date Size
Seagull License Server 9.1, Build 2617 17-Jul-2009 23 MB
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